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We believe that people do their best when working in a place that treats them like professionals. At Envieta, we worry less about our image and more about providing value for customers. Join us and help us build a company you believe in. MORE
ENVIETA provides engineering design services specializing in the design and manufacture of secure communication systems. We engineer solutions that address security problems faced by a spectrum of government agencies. MORE
In a nutshell...
Envieta is a locally owned and operated small business located in Columbia, Maryland. We are a technology-focused company dedicated to providing engineering design solutions to a broad range of U.S. government agencies and commercial industries. We specialize in secure communication systems, vulnerability hardware and software components analysis, as well as the development of enterprise software. Our mission is to design, engineer, develop, and code solutions in hardware, software, or in combination that address security problems associated with extracting intelligence from signals and protecting friendly communications and data at rest.